Bespoke Strategic Management

Transforming smart ideas from private Start-ups into valuable public listed companies.

We are a group of businesses created by entrepreneurs, consultants and investors – working to construct a boutique of tailor-made solutions for business ideas and companies.

We provide direct support to businesses we select from birth through the stages of growth to success and listing on the stock markets in three profit creating sectors – commercial, real estate and arts & media – in the areas of raising finance, day to day management and exit strategies. We also promote corporate social responsibility through social and humanitarian programs and international integration between the European Community Countries (ECC).

We offer experience in management, experience in financial control, sophisticated yet economical regulatory compliance consultancy and tools, business labs, incubators, accelerators in Europe and the USA, together with a financial Crowdfunding platform peer to peer lending, regulated by the Financial Authorities or an Equity & Management and the first independent international investment Network of Crowdfunding Platforms & Holding Companies.